Please join us! Change your voter registration to “United Independent Party (CC)”

We’re growing stronger every day with the support of pragmatic voters like you.

Whether you’re newly eligible to vote or already enrolled as a Massachusetts voter, you can use this voter registration form to choose “United Independent Party (CC)” as your party registration.

Join our call for smart, brave reform of our politics, economy and government! To change your voter enrollment to United Independent Party:

1. Print out this short Voter Registration Form.

2. Fill in the required lines indicated at the top of the form, being sure on Line 9 to both check the box “Political Designation,” and insert the words “UNITED INDEPENDENT PARTY (CC).” (Don’t forget to sign clearly and date!)

3. Tape the form closed (no staples), insert the correct address for your city/town from this alphabetical list, affix stamp and mail.

To find the correct mailing address for your town or city, click here.

Please also share this form with your friends, family and neighbors – anyone you can think of who is looking for innovative ideas and realistic solutions to the many challenges facing us all today in Massachusetts.

Questions? Please feel free to call (617) 874-3826 (617-874-EVAN) or email [email protected] – we’ll be glad to help!

THANK YOU in advance for your interest and support.

Note: If you register with the United Independent Party, the state prohibits you from voting in other party primaries.

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