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Modern politics is about power, not policy.

Ideas are often just words used by politicians to say the right things, but once they're in power, they do the bidding of their party masters, and the big donors. It's why, in one-party Massachusetts, nearly 2/3 of our state elected officials run unopposed year after year, even at a time when people have such little confidence in government.

Sound like an exaggeration? Listen to what State Rep. Michael Moran, one of the most powerf...ul Democrats in Massachusetts, told the Boston Globe about contested elections:

"As a member of House leadership, I would never seek an opponent for a Democratic colleague in either branch. It’s just something that isn’t good for the inner workings of the Legislature, long-term."

Competition. Democracy. Accountability. Those things don't matter as much as those "inner workings." That's where the real work gets done. That's how GE gets a $150 million tax break while the T continues to collapse. It's how the Olympics dominates public debate for a year, when our schools don't have the money they need to educate our kids.

Voters are tired of this entrenched sense of partisan entitlement. The good news is that the voters are getting wise to it, and realizing there's something that can be done.

That's what the UIP is all about. Join us, and be part of renewing and reviving our democracy.

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A top ally of Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg is urging supporters of US Senator Bernie Sanders to “take over” the state party.

One part of this John Fresolo case that hasn't been talked about much is the ethics investigation of him that was done before he resigned from the House.

According to news accounts, he made a deal with Speaker DeLeo and then-Ethics Committee Chair Marty Walsh to keep the findings of that investigation secret if he would agree to resign his seat.

Since Fresolo is now a candidate for that seat, those findings must be made public. The voters of the United Independent Party, wh...o Fresolo wants to represent, have a right to know.

Speaker DeLeo: release the findings of the Ethics Committee investigation into John Fresolo. Voters have a right to know.

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There are some troubled characters in politics. When one lands on your doorstep, you've got a choice - and the right one is to tell them to go away.

John Fresolo is a former state representative who resigned a few years ago in the midst of a significant ethics investigation. Last week, I learned from the Secretary of State's office that he was trying to run for his seat again - by getting people to write him in on the UIP ballot.

Bad enough. What's worse is that he is alleged...ly trolling around senior housing getting people to request absentee ballots to vote for him and filling out voter registration forms for them.

Fresolo's alleged behavior is abusive and unethical, if not illegal. The UIP totally and completely disavows him. We've never had any contact with him and if we did, we would have told him to go away, and that we support efforts to investigate and address his actions.

Candidates like him aren't what the UIP is about.

One last point. Michelle Tassinari, the state's director of elections, first informed me of this problem. She has handled it with a great deal of professionalism, and I thank her for it.

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A disgraced former state representative is trying to get his old seat back. Local and state officials are concerned about his tactics.

Yes, Secretary of State Bill Galvin is way out of line with his recent outrageous comments about the United Independent Party in the Boston Globe.

Here are three of his biggest whoppers.....and why he is wrong.

Thanks to Commonwealth Magazine for the chance to speak out.

William Galvin, the secretary of state, has made no secret of his open hostility to the United Independent Party. In a recent interview with the Boston Globe, he made a series of claims about the UIP that are totally out of line and inappropriate for someone in his position as the state’s top electi...

Why are two of the most powerful Democrats in Massachusetts so mad about the United Independent Party?

I think it's because we've struck a nerve.

Nearly 2/3 of the candidates for the Massachusetts state legislature face no opponent this year. The UIP, as a start-up party, already has three candidates vying for the UIP ballot line in November.


Galvin and Walsh are perfectly happy to have unopposed races. They clearly don't like someone showing up and saying this is bad for our democracy, and supporting people with the guts to take a stand against it.

Believe me, I know: start-ups are hard. I'm used to that, and am up for the challenge - and so are the people who are working every day to make this party grow. We've done a lot in a very short time with the UIP - and no matter what, we aren't stopping.

If you want to join us, now is the time. If you want a chance to be on the ballot in November let us know. And if you think our country is better than this - help give us a shot to be part of fixing it.

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The United Independent Party needs 43,000 members by mid-October, or it will no longer be a party.
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