Get Involved

Get Involved

In Evan Falchuk’s campaign for Governor and the United Independent Party, we are reaching as many voters as we can in every part of Massachusetts – and learning so much from voters in the process. We believe in this independent campaign. As Evan’s volunteers, supporters and staff will tell you, we believe in its potential, and its much-needed focus on smart, brave reform of our politics, economy and government.

Something special is happening here. Something that will finally offer voters throughout Massachusetts the common-sense approach to problem-solving they’ve been hungry for.

If you’d like to get involved in Evan’s campaign for Governor, or in the United Independent Party, please sign up below.

Thank you for your interest. At the end of the day, our talented volunteers around the state will make all the difference in this history-making independent race!

Join our call for smart, brave reform of our politics, economy and government! To change your voter enrollment to United Independent Party, just visit here

Will you volunteer?

  • Social Media, Press, and Rapid Response Team
  • Campaign Research
  • Canvassing- Reaching voters
  • Host a Meet the Candidate Fundraiser
  • Community Introductions
  • Practical: Tell your friends, lawn signs, bumper stickers, and pins