Falchuk Seeking Court Order Requiring Worcester Gubernatorial Debate Sponsors to Fulfill Contractual Obligation for October 27 Debate

Boston – After being invited on August 28 to an October 27 gubernatorial candidates’ debate in Worcester – then summarily “disinvited” on October 6, via a phone call from NECN Managing Editor Mary Plansky – United Independent Party candidate for Governor of Massachusetts Evan Falchuk today went to court.

Falchuk and his legal team have requested that the Suffolk County Superior Court order debate organizers to permit Falchuk to participate in the debate, and issue an injunction against any further attempt to bar Falchuk from this debate. A hearing date with Judge Linda Giles has been confirmed for 2 pm on October 27, the same day as the debate, in courtroom 306 of Suffolk County Superior Court.

Falchuk’s lawsuit alleges that event sponsors NECN, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, and the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce breached their contract with him concerning his appearance at the October 27 televised debate. Falchuk’s complaint notes that after soliciting his appearance and receiving the campaign’s acceptance of the invitation, the sponsors recently attempted to go back on the parties’ agreement by applying new, unspecified conditions to the deal such that Falchuk no longer was welcome to participate.

Falchuk wrote earlier this week to sponsoring organization contacts James F. Normandin, Publisher of the Telegram & Gazette; Stuart Loosemore, General Counsel with the Worcester Chamber; and NECN’s Plansky, requesting the courtesy of a reply, and emphasizing he hoped the sponsors would reconsider their decision. As of 6:00 pm on October 22, he had received no response from any of the sponsors or their contacts.

“It is obvious to us that the sponsors do not intend to rethink their inappropriate decision to ‘disinvite’ me, and include only Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker in their October 27 debate. It’s clear they intend to continue with this blatant breach of what was a duly formed agreement,” Falchuk said. “Since sponsors have not even bothered to respond to my correspondence, we are compelled to go to court to get this contract enforced. We are seeking an order from the court that these sponsors fulfill the contract we all agreed upon back on September 2.”

In its August 28 debate invitation, which Falchuk accepted via phone and email on September 2, the three sponsoring organizations included no conditions and no caveats for Falchuk’s participation; indeed, sponsors specifically framed the debate as a “wonderful opportunity for the candidates seeking to be the next Governor of the Commonwealth to reach a larger audience by having one of their live, televised debates in the city of Worcester.”  The debate, sponsors wrote, “would provide voters the chance to hear from the candidates on a range of issues pertinent to their daily lives….We do hope that you accept this invitation to take part in a live-televised debate.”

The disinvitation came just days after Falchuk had earned positive press coverage and voter accolades for his strong and persuasive performance at a televised, all-candidates’ debate on September 29 in Springfield, and prior to Falchuk’s participation in CBS affiliate WBZ-TV’s live, televised debate in Boston.

About Evan Falchuk
Evan Falchuk ( is the United Independent Party Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts. A Massachusetts native and global business executive, Falchuk is calling for smart, brave reform of our politics, economy and government.  Founded in January 2013 by Falchuk and supporters from throughout Massachusetts, the United Independent Party is committed to moving from the outdated establishment debate of “small government versus big government” to one focused on greater fiscal accountability to voters, stronger protection of civil rights, and innovative, pragmatic solutions that improve the day-to-day lives of people, families and communities.

To read Evan’s statement and the court complain.

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